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Beautiful escape

Beautiful escape


Akihiko Kobe, a first-year high school student with a stutter, is a target of bullying in his class and spent his days depressed. Akihiko lives at home with a face that can not endure anything and kills God in his brain every day. One day, I accidentally see a classmate, a brilliant and intelligent girl student, Mitsuri Nanao killing a cat. Kuri was inspired by the blood she saw during her period and had a desire to see the blood of others. Kuri then tells Akihiko that she has a desire for murder and proposes to kill the bullying group. The two begin to kill, and go east to escape, killing them. New generation youth splatter road movie

Other Name: ファンファーレが鳴り響く


Duration: 90Mint

Released: 2020-10-17

Cast: , , , ,

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